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Animal Grooming Services

Price Guide on add ons and extras

Anal gland expression: $5 (clients only)

Nail filing: $5 (Clients only) Add on

Nail clipping:
$10-$15 (small dogs)
$20-$25 (medium- Large Dogs)

Nail filing: $10-$15

Anal gland expression:
$10-$15 (small /medium dogs)

Teeth Brushing: $10-$15 (small/medium dogs)

Ear cleaning: $10-$15 (small, medium dogs)

Scented Baths:

Mud bath shampoo:
$10 (small dogs)
$20 (medium dogs- large dogs)

Blueberry/Strawberry Greek Yogurt Bath:
$10 (small dogs)
$20 (medium to large dogs)

Medicated Baths:
$10-15 (small dogs)
$15-20(medium dogs) $20-25 (large dogs)

Free Nail Claipping Between Groomings!!!

(Available for clients only)

Boarding services:$59 per night (0nly available for clients)

Cat Services:

Nail Clipping: $15-20

Rabbit nail trimming : $20

Cat grooming: $160-$170 (price can vary )

Heaving deshedding fee: +$50 (depending in the amount of shedding and size of the dog)

Matted fee: $40-$100 (depending in the severity of the matting and the size of the dog)

Why do we have an extra deshedding fee?

Shedding is an important part for dogs, since it’s a way of how they rid themselves of damaged or old fur, the reason of why there is an extra cost is due to the more time added to the grooming process, such as deseeding the dog prior to the bath, during the bath and after bath in order to get as much of the shedding out as possible. However, this won’t guarantee for the dog not to ever shed again, they always will since it’s an essential thing for them.

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