Premium Dog Grooming

Dog grooming has become increasingly popular and it is easy to see why. For more and more dog owners in our city, their canine companions are seen as much more than a simple pet but rather like extended members of the family. If that is how you view your furry friend, then why not treat him or her to a relaxing and rewarding dog grooming treatment from Fluffy Angel Pet Grooming & Spa that will be both beneficial to your pet’s health and its appearance. With years of experience and a commitment to dog grooming excellence, there is no challenge too big or job too small for our team of certified grooming professionals. So, what are you waiting for?

Stress-Free Grooming

We work tirelessly to make your dog’s grooming experience as enjoyable and memorable as possible. We use the power of positivity to transform a challenging task into a day of fun-filled adventure. Our one-of-a-kind grooming experience will simply not be found elsewhere so why not treat your dog to this winning formula. Our cage-free grooming service is perfect for dogs who are being groomed for the first time or for those who are being introduced to the process and after some time away. Our team of professionally certified groomers are gentle in their approach and devoted to each individual dog that visits us. We always strive to be as considerate as possible to all our dogs’ needs and it is this attention to detail that separates us from other pet care companies in the area.

How it All Works

On the day of the appointment, we try to be as inclusive as possible with our treatment and this means involving you, the dog owner. Our grooming professionals will educate you on the best methods and practices so that you can understand what your dog is getting from our service. This will also help you to prepare your dog in advance of any future visits.

Please call with information on your pet for grooming prices.

We have base prices for all services on any breed or type of dog, however, trying to list all of that wouldn’t be feasible! So… if your dog is groomed on a regular basis and is in relatively good condition, you can be certain that the base price would apply. There could be variables in the base price if a dog’s condition warranted extra time to brush out, de-mat or remove an all-over matted coat. Or if extra time is spent working with a nervous or aggressive personality. We can’t guarantee an exact price over the phone without seeing the dog, however we can get fairly close as long as you give us an accurate description of your dog (size, approximate weight, age) and his condition (coat type, long, short, mats?). We strive to keep our prices reasonable and fair so that any dog can benefit from being clean and well groomed, and we will always do our best for each dog.

We do groom cats and love cats, and have base prices for them also, but for the cat’s safety (and ours!) we have to limit cat grooming to those that have been groomed before or are used to being bathed and handled, are not bothered by loud noises and are especially accepting of dogs and barking!. Without these criteria being met, it’s probably safer for a cat to be groomed by a cat specialist or in a veterinary situation.

Full Dog Grooming package

  • Wash & Blowout
  • Nails trimmed.
  • Ears cleaned.
  • Teeth Brushed
  • Sanitary Cut
  • Haircut

Full Cat grooming package

  • Wash & Blowout (we also provide the dry bath as well)
  • Nails trimmed.
  • Ears cleaned.
  • Sanitary cut
  • Haircut

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