About Us:

Locally Owned and Operated
Established in 2013.

Fluffy Angel Pet Grooming & Spa formally known as Loren's Grooming started out small in our home. We have great pride in our service there is nothing more special to us than to see our furry animals clean and happy. With the help of our loyal customers who have supported us we were able to expand and open a store front in the heart of Island Park. The owners of Fluffy Angel are lifelong residents and will do everything to make you and your pet come out happy.

For a dog, a grooming is not just a bath and a haircut;

it’s an experience that, depending on the groomer and the environment, can be fun and pleasurable, or something to be avoided at all costs!

At Fluffy Angel Pet Grooming & Spa, dogs are too important to us to have a grooming experience be anything less than rewarding. From the moment they pull their owners through the front door, until they excitedly greet their “parents” to go home, they are treated with kindness and respect.

Our groomers have to be well versed in any area involving dogs. They must have a calm and gentle demeanor and have the ability to read canine body language and communicate in a way that dogs understand. They must be skilled in the use of all the tools required to satisfy our high standards of grooming quality. They must have a broad base of knowledge concerning dog breeds and anatomy.

We are dedicated to all animals, but especially to those of the canine persuasion! We consider ourselves to be more than dog lovers, we are dog “lifers”. We have spent, and will continue to spend, our lives caring for and “living” dogs!

Most pet care professionals view their work as a job. However, for our team of diligent and committed professionals, it is much more than that. Our passion for pet care sets us apart from our competitors and means that we ensure our clients and their pets receive the best in grooming needs. For us, a good service is not good enough, we want to be the best. And it is this commitment to excellence that drives our business. So, why settle for second-best when the number one team is right here on your doorstep.

Professional Pet Care Specialists

Whether you are looking for a new puppy to liven up your home, or are in need of a grooming service for your cat, you need to look no further than Fluffy Angel Pet Grooming & Spa. With the perfect combination of experience and skill, Fluffy Angel Pet Grooming & Spa’s team has the knowledge and means to make your pet-related dreams a reality. We take immense pride in the pet care service that we offer and that is why we go to such great lengths to ensure that, when you call us, you will receive exceptional service. So, what are you waiting for? With expertise in all aspects of pet care, we should be the first number you call.

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