Anal Gland Draining in Long Beach

Let’s face it, being a Long Beach dog owner is not always pleasant. From house training to cleaning up after your dog when they relieve themselves in the park, sometimes you may find yourself wondering if it’s really worth it. But then when you arrive home after a tough day in the office only to be greeted by a happy dog, shows that it was definitely worthwhile. Like house training and cleaning up after your dog, another requirement for a responsible pet owner ensuring that your dog’s anal glands are drained regularly.

Obviously, for a procedure of this significance, it is important that you leave it to the professionals. And, with years of experience and the most highly skilled staff at our disposal, you can rest assured knowing that Fluffy Angel Pet Grooming & Spa will execute this procedure with unrivalled precision. At Fluffy Angel Pet Grooming & Spa we are passionate about what we do and that is why we always strive to be the best we can be. Our anal glad draining procedure will leave your dog feeling relieved and back to their brilliant best in no time at all. So, if you are a responsible dog owner in Long Beach, then you need to contact the pet professionals you can rely on.

What is Anal Gland Draining?

There is no doubt about it, anal gland draining is not a pleasant experience. That being said, it is a very necessary one. Failing to have your dog’s anal glands drained regularly could result in some unpleasant surprises on your carpet as your dog tries to find some pain relief.

At Fluffy Angel Pet Grooming & Spa, our team of skilled professionals has the skill and expertise to perform this delicate task perfectly. We know that it is not pleasant but, for us, it is just part of the job. What’s more, there is no greater feeling for a pet service professional than the look of relief and pleasure on your dog’s face after this procedure has been completed. In general, an anal glad draining service from us will involve emptying the sacs of fluid that build up in and around your dog’s anus. Usually, your dog will be able to do this himself. However, from time to time, they may need assistance performing this stinky but very necessary task, and that is where we come in.

So, if your dog is licking or biting at his rear end or tail, this is another indicator that he needs this fluid buildup removed.

Beneficial Procedure

The fact of the matter is that however unpleasant it is for us humans to have to drain a dogs’ anal glands, it is considerably more painful and dangerous for our dogs if we don’t do this when needed. Failing to do this will not only leave your dog feeling sore and irritable, it could also result in serious infection.